Italia Gustosa - Sicily - May 2019

Italia Gustosa - Sicily - May 2019

from the 28th of April to the 4th of May 2019

from the 18th  to the 24th of May 2019


Sicily, also called the island of the sun, is the largest in the Mediterranean Sea and is located below the tip of the Italian “boot”. It is considered as one of the gems of Southern Italy, a territory to be discovered, known and explored.

In this land the Mediterranean offers unique and intense landscapes, aromas and flavors that only pristine nature can offer.

As for food, this island has all the wonders of the sea and the land, in eternal contrast with each other, both visually and in bittersweet aromas and flavors.

It is a treasure chest of ancient flavors and fine food and wine products.

In this week we will discover the basic materials of this region and learn how to cook with top-level chefs.

We will meet and get to know small and large Sicilian companies dealing with the production and processing of typical products such as: wine, pistachios, citrus, cheese and much more.


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